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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

20 December 2011 by Nicholas in Films

The Dark Knight Rises trailer has been released. Legitimately. It shows us snippets of the film to give us an idea of what will happen and what the set pieces may be, but it also hides quite a lot away. We see precious little Batman or Bruce Wayne, even though they are the titular character. This is probably an intentional decision as Nolan doesn’t want to let us know what Batman’s arc is in the story or also what physical condition he is in. It’s hinted, but you probably need a knowledge of the comics to understand it.

The trailer does hint at time having passed, Selina Kyle tells Bruce that he and his friends have benefited from the status quo for so long and that this will change. James Gordon will be replaced as police commissioner because he has served his purpose and things have changed. This being a dramatic scenario, we can assume both these things are foreshadowing a coming storm. But they also suggest a decent amount of time has passed and that Batman has been successful and become unnecessary. It suggests the Dark Knight Returns, and the naming of the films as well as the seeming message of the trailer (that it provides closure to the story and that it is the end of the arc for Batman) also echoes that.

The trailer has a couple of set pieces: the complete destruction of an American football field during a game and signs of a battle between a Batmobile and a large armoured vehicle. There is also some sort of flying vehicle, possibly the Batplane. My gut instinct is that what we are meant to think is the Batmobile isn’t an that the larger vehicle is the Batman’s. But this is pure speculation on my part.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t out until July. It’s going to be a long, long wait until then. I can only hope that The Avengers provides adequate distraction.