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More Site Changes

28 September 2020 by Nicholas in Coding and Styling

My site now has categories and tags. This involved some new functions (because, once again, I am not thrilled at how WordPress decides to produce actual html in what I would just want to be some value outputs) and more styling. I also worked up my first amended version of the theme leaning more into material design and with a few tweaks. Completely changing the colour scheme, because everything is set as variables in the header, takes only a few minutes.

I think, for now, I am satisfied with the basic look. It gives me a grounding that I can build on and tweak should I need to. It also allows me to quickly roll out other sites that are text heavy. Images and pre formatted text and quote blocks are not something I have added in, nor the ability to set the homepage as a different page. Templating will have to come later.

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Adding Functions

21 September 2020 by Nicholas in Coding and Styling

In further developing my theme I have decided I don’t like how some of the existing WordPress functions actually work. I have also decided that I want to be able to call in my own code blocks as functions. This has led to me creating a new functions file and being able to enforce flexbox and styling onto things that previously seemed to sit outside of it.

There is a long way to go before it even has enough basic functionality to share it with people to be able to handle their blogs, and it will never be ready to give out as a general theme, but as a basis for my own work and to be able to hand out to friends to start their own sites it is getting there.

And hopefully it will encourage me to do more writing and actually keep up to the site.

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Site Design

6 September 2020 by Nicholas in Coding and Styling

I haven’t updated the content on this site in over a year, but I have coded the theme for it three times in that time. The most recently has been today, and it is still a work in progress. This time, however, I have documented what I have done with a view to showing people as a tutorial.

I still need to add pagination and next and previous on individual posts, as well as making an author page. I will extend the theme to make it support top and side navigation so that I can help friends with their sites using it. Currently it is definitely just suited to what I am doing and no one else.

The site uses Flex Box for all the components. I think CSS Grid is just about ready for prime time so I will probably look at doing a theme based on that as well. I think it is more suited for a portfolio site whereas Flex Box definitely has strengths when it comes to text.

Speaking of text, based on what I have been doing at work (I have had a “new” job for about 10 months now) I have started working on changes to text at a really granular level. The kerning of words, line height and padding and margins. Some of the forthcoming css changes will allow for even more control.

The transparencies I am probably overdoing at the moment. I think they allow you to guarantee a sufficient level of contrast to text regardless of what colour and graphic the background has. It prevents bad tangents and can even cope with images that have text on them.

I am very tempted to play with text transforms to see if it possible to create perspective effects like Chip Kidd did on his All Star logos. More as a proof of concept than anything that I think would be particularly useful.

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