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6 September 2020 by Nicholas in Coding and Styling

I haven’t updated the content on this site in over a year, but I have coded the theme for it three times in that time. The most recently has been today, and it is still a work in progress. This time, however, I have documented what I have done with a view to showing people as a tutorial.

I still need to add pagination and next and previous on individual posts, as well as making an author page. I will extend the theme to make it support top and side navigation so that I can help friends with their sites using it. Currently it is definitely just suited to what I am doing and no one else.

The site uses Flex Box for all the components. I think CSS Grid is just about ready for prime time so I will probably look at doing a theme based on that as well. I think it is more suited for a portfolio site whereas Flex Box definitely has strengths when it comes to text.

Speaking of text, based on what I have been doing at work (I have had a “new” job for about 10 months now) I have started working on changes to text at a really granular level. The kerning of words, line height and padding and margins. Some of the forthcoming css changes will allow for even more control.

The transparencies I am probably overdoing at the moment. I think they allow you to guarantee a sufficient level of contrast to text regardless of what colour and graphic the background has. It prevents bad tangents and can even cope with images that have text on them.

I am very tempted to play with text transforms to see if it possible to create perspective effects like Chip Kidd did on his All Star logos. More as a proof of concept than anything that I think would be particularly useful.

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