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28 September 2020 by Nicholas in Coding and Styling

My site now has categories and tags. This involved some new functions (because, once again, I am not thrilled at how WordPress decides to produce actual html in what I would just want to be some value outputs) and more styling. I also worked up my first amended version of the theme leaning more into material design and with a few tweaks. Completely changing the colour scheme, because everything is set as variables in the header, takes only a few minutes.

I think, for now, I am satisfied with the basic look. It gives me a grounding that I can build on and tweak should I need to. It also allows me to quickly roll out other sites that are text heavy. Images and pre formatted text and quote blocks are not something I have added in, nor the ability to set the homepage as a different page. Templating will have to come later.

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