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Rupert Murdoch – Fiddling While Rome Burns

7 August 2011 by Nicholas in Current Events

In the Nightly News Johnathan Hickman (or, technically, his characters) rage against factual inaccuracies within the news media and the media’s disinclination to tackle them as it cosies up to the establishment in a terrifying symbiosis of propaganda and power. While I don’t advocate shooting or blowing up journalists Rupert Murdoch’s sprawling media empire has done some undeniably terrible things over the years. It’s unrepentant demonisation of Liverpool fans in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster, the casual firing of hundreds (as recently as last weekend in a failed attempt to extract News International from the mire of its own making) and the near perversion of the cause of justice hacking the mobile phone of a disappeared girl and thus giving false hope to her family and potentially destroying vital evidence.

The warranted public revulsion at the latter is tempered by the fact the readers of these stories, the politicians who rush to denounce it having courted and employed so much of News International and their former staff and the police who were complicit and sometimes even in the pay of Murdoch’s empire are all partially responsible for the evil that Murdoch’s empire has wrought. I am reminded of nothing so much as Germany sleepwalking into Fascism in the 1930s.