Nicholas Goodchild

Historic and Pared Down


30 December 2011 by Nicholas in TV

The new series of Misfits has ended. Shown on E4 and happily available on Youtube. It took the probation serving super powered teens of the previous series, dispatched one before the series even started, added a new one and had an episodes focusing on each character in turn. There were subplots, character arcs and endings. And some really, really good jokes.

Starting with the replacement of Nathan with Rudy, I felt that the series had a clumsy inception and tried ramming a new character down our throats and making him edgy and entertaining and just tried way too hard. As a character, he had his moments, but he was probably pushed to the forefront too often and to the detriment of some of the existing characters and their dynamic.

The guy who sold people’s powers became part of the core cast, by means of a romantic tryst. He had his flaws and didn’t really redeem himself, but showed depth and was probably a better addition overall than Rudy.

The story lines invoked and echoed quite a lot of super hero tropes. We had time travel, zombies, stalkers, massive comic references and destiny and sacrifice. I genuinely felt moved by the last episode and impressed by the circularity of the plotting and the way dangling plot threads from the previous two series were neatly tied up and used to advance the story while adding resonance to the whole show.

The series was very, very funny too. The episode where Kelly has problems in the hospital featured one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen on television. Absolutely sick, in the worst possible taste and utterly hilarious. I was roaring with laughter and trying to find someone else who had watched the show to talk to about it.

The only problems for me, overall, with the series are the characters who have been written out were amongst my favourites and that I do find Rudy annoyingly full-on. Whoever the next series adds (and I do have a great deal of faith that there will be a new series) will have some large boots to fill. The show will need a new overriding storyline and driving force, and there is an argument the show has lost its emotional heart. A couple of new Rudys will not make the show better.