Nicholas Goodchild

Historic and Pared Down

In Dreams

9 January 2011 by Nicholas in Personal

I woke from an odd dream, but the thing about processing dreams on waking is that your conscious brain doesn’t work the same as your subconscious and unconscious mind. There were details in the dream that kept changing, things that made no sense and several things that happened out of order or couldn’t possibly happen. This is no good to the conscious mind. It likes narrative and order and structure. I find myself both knowingly and unknowingly editing my dreams as I try to transcribe them, the final result diminishing whatever it was about them that made them worth writing about in the first place.

It’s unusual I remember my dreams. I don’t know if that means I don’t dream or only some of them I remember. When I do remember they are vivid though. People and structures whose faces I can visualise to the point I could probably draw them and colours that are saturated and distinct. I dream in colour, although apparently this is no longer believed to be a sign of psychosis. Simply of having grown up with a colour tv.