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If Comics Were Like TV

15 March 2013 by Nicholas in TV

Comics are an utterly unique medium but a lot of people try to make them more like TV shows. It’s a mistake, but it got me wondering: what if comics were more like TV shows?

– Everything Marvel does would be reprints for a month if DC has a tentpole Summer event.

– Reality comics that manage to be more unrealistic than mutants in space aided by time travelling alternate reality versions of themselves who came back from the dead multiple times.

– A greater variety of genres, but at least a third of comics would just be about making comics or other comics. Probably half of these would feature a murder.

– Who performed at the half time of the Summer crossover would be more talked about than the crossover itself.

– The nagging feeling you recognise background characters from other comics but can’t think where from.

– Creators would have to step in to draw certain supporting characters to keep their appearance consistent resulting in a jarring mish mash of art.

– Wolverine drawn mid torso upwards to hide the fact he got fat but has a long contract.

– Ridiculous plot twists to stave off cancellation (oh, wait a second . . .)

– Villains of the week (hang on again . . .)