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Don’t Vote George Galloway

22 March 2012 by Nicholas in Current Events

I live in Bradford West. For many years we have been represented by Marsha Singh, a dignified man who is a good constituency MP, votes according to his conscience rather than his party’s whip and has sadly had to stand aside due to ill health. This has led to a by-election that will be contested by a number of able candidates representing both the main political parties and more fringe interests. And George Galloway.

I think George Galloway is a detestable human being and take no small amount of solace from the likelihood he will be embarrassed at the polls. When I say he will be embarrassed, I am ascribing him normal human emotions and responses. From what I know of him he appears to be a shameless self publicist and possessing a deficit of reasoning ability.

When he launched his campaign he was apparently ascribed comments (and I am paraphrasing here) about wishing to give Bradford a sense of identity. Now, I do believe Bradford has some problems, some of which may be unique to the city. I don’t believe that they will be solved by allying its public identity to someone who jumps around political ideologies to try to make himself electable, like a mercenary selling their services to a despot.

Why do I actually feel this level of bile for Galloway?

Is it because he principledly holds a set of values I find abhorrent?

No, it is the sheer ego and opportunism of the man: in his previous stint as an MP he decided the best way forward his political agenda (which he was voted in on) and to work for his constituents (which, bluntly, is what he was paid to do) was to appear on Big Brother and pretend to be a cat. This not the decision of a politician or civic minded individual, but someone hungry for fame even at the cost of their own dignity. What that was meant to achieve other than increased profile remains beyond me.

It is not as if that was an unfortunate aberration. As recently as this year he was appearing on the 10 O’Clock show lecherously stating his desire to meet the Argentian President and hand over the Falkland Islands to her. This was over the proven objections of all the Falkland residents and contra to our own interests as a nation. He seemed more concerned over the appearance of the Argentinian premier and the largely uninformed world at large than anything logical or principled. In order to achieve peace a compromise must be reached that is acceptable to all parties involved. What Galloway suggests is nothing short of abject surrender.

It is not just Galloway’s personality I find abhorrent, but the way in which he would pursue (or completely ignore in order to further promote himself) his policies. Remember that personality is relevant in that it gives clues to how a candidate would actually seek to achieve their policies and how they would prioritise them. Their ability to reach a consensus and implement policy is determined by personality and, in Galloway, we have a candidate with a repugnant personality and pitiful policy coupled with a sheer inability to act as a politician and actually help or even consider those who voted for him.