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Defense Grid: You Monster

13 December 2011 by Nicholas in Technology

So, the new downloadable content for Defense Grid came out. I have to say, in many ways, I was underwhelmed. A lot of the maps have previously been seen, although they are tweaked a little. I got silver medals on all the maps on the first play through, and the only notable addition to the game is the fact that the gameplay changes mid way through some of the levels, with enemies suddenly changing direction or tower types suddenly not being available. Other than that it is a disappointing addition as several maps are too similar to what has gone before and there isn’t much in the way of taxing challenge apart from where you have to change tactics mid way through a level because of the underlying mechanics of the game changing.

That is not to say there is nothing to recommend in the addition, as more of the same when what you are making more of is great isn’t necessarily bad. However, the supposed story content is incredibly thin and the gameplay is pretty much identical if you have the sound off (which is how the story actually unfolds) apart from the shifting objectives in the final mission.

I have yet to try any of the new gamplay modes that the map pack adds, so it could be that I find more challenge and enjoyment in those. It is worth noting that Steam has the game (and DLC) at a special price up to 14th December and, even if I am lukewarm in my recommendation in You Monster, both it and the parent game remain very good value for the amount of entertainment they give you for a very low price. I think I just expected more.