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Dark Knight Rises Prologue

17 December 2011 by Nicholas in Films

Thanks to an old work mate and the magic of the internet I was saved the chore of having to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to see a preview of The Dark Knight Rises. With apologies to Simon Pegg, this makes me very happy indeed. I had no real desire to watch Tom Cruise but I really wanted to see what Christopher Nolan had for us next.

What Christopher Nolan has for us next is an action scene that is a step up from Inception or The Dark Knight but has similarities to both, in execution and theme. We see an introduction to Bane. Bane the plotter. Bane the executor. Where the Joker was manic, Bane is cold. Both seem one step ahead, but for different reasons.

And the action sequence is spectacular. It’s huge and it is daring. Although the roaring of the wind makes people’s voices hard to hear and it may seem a little cluttered. A lot happens in a short space of time.

There are glimpses of other parts of the film. Batman carrying some sort of electrical gun. Gary Oldman convincing as Gordon eulogising someone he no longer believes in (as an aside, Oldman has often had to sell the clumsiest dialogue in the trilogy, dumping exposition as if it were conversation). Catwoman in a domino mask. Catwoman in her civilian guise. Jospeh Gordon-Levitt as something, a brief glimpse. Bane and Batman fighting, Bane in a trenchcoat descending steps in the snow, mobs swarming a street as batmobiles block a junction. 4 Batmobiles. A batplane. The batpod is back. Bane is dropping a shattered batman mask. There is a lot to digest. More, still, to speculate on.

Apparently there is a new trailer that will be airing before the new Sherlock Holmes film (in America, at least) and was leaked briefly online the other day. More to digest and speculate on. I may now have to go and see a Guy Ritchie film at the cinema.