Nicholas Goodchild

Historic and Pared Down

Bradford Spring

2 April 2012 by Nicholas in Current Events

George Galloway won the by election. This would be the by election that the police and Conservative Party were both clearly worried about the possibility of electoral fraud and the leader of the Respect party went to great lengths, after the surprising and largely unexpected result, to point out that areas that you would not expect to be particularly sensitive to Galloway’s message swung to him with a huge margin.

In 1960 several areas went unexpectedly to John Kennedy, including houses with many scores of registered voters and certain graveyards. Some new dawns are heavy on rhetoric and light on substance, draped in murky shadows and lit by controversy.

I despair at the electorate in my ward: there seems a genuine complete lack of understanding what a candidate can actually achieve and what they were actually voting on. Admittedly, the Labour party made it easy for Respect. But quite why a man who can’t even spell the areas he is representing, thinks attacking his opponent for being able to represent the area for 40 years and then championing his own 23 years in parliament (which, by the by, encompasses a multitude of armed conflicts and events he is supposedly against, which rather proves he is utterly ineffective in standing against them) as well as pandering to the electorate by adopting stances completely at odds with others where his voters don’t have vested interests.

I am angry enough to vote Labour with a clear conscience. I am angry enough to consider joining their party. I am certainly angry enough to go out and campaign for them. Yes, Bradford has been wrecked by incompetent councils comprising every stripe of mainstream party. Yes, it is often hurt by partisanship and political bickering when consensus and pragmatism should prevail. But it can’t be improved by Galloway and his ilk living in a fantasy world of convenience and shameless platitudes without any substance or detail.

Kennedy would have lost his re election. When he was shot he was campaigning knowing that he had made a mess of the only real test of his premiership (the Bay of Pigs and, to a lesser extent, the Cuban Missile Crisis), that he had lied to the electorate about the “Missile Gap” between them and the Soviet Union and that he had failed utterly on civil rights. The real tragedy of his tenure as disappointing president is the myth that was built up around him. Admittedly I am not as well informed as some, but can anyone remember anything of note Galloway achieved in his 23 years of serving in Westminster?

How about the vast improvements he made to Bethnal Green and Bow?

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. “