Nicholas Goodchild

Historic and Pared Down


12 March 2012 by Nicholas in Current Events

American Politics, to those of us looking in, are terrifying. This time out the man who could most likely start a world war that envelops us all is either going to be played by someone who thinks that making $360,000 dollars a year represents not much money and that we should all have as many wives as we want and the guy who didn’t actually understand his platform well enough to push for tax cuts when he could actually have got them through. And this is actually the best choice that could be open to the electorate: along the way many wives man could have been many mistresses mad idea man, my wife used to shack up with an abortion doctor but god hates abortions man and staring lunatic I think I am Maggie Thatcher woman.

The American economy has been damaged (irreparably?) by George Bush. The three things that needed doing instantly were: increasing the tax burden on the super rich, making the economy attractive to corporations and a program of infrastructure investment. What we saw was a ratification of the tax cuts that were causing the budget deficit to balloon, the wrong health care program being adopted (and likely will never actually make it into practice) and austerity cuts that have driven people out of work and further hurt tax income. Obama actually only did anything about the budget and economy once he had lost control of Congress and the Senate so that he couldn’t actually get anything he suggested passed. The cynic in me now strongly believes this was because he didn’t want to pass any of these measures in the first place and hurt his, and his party’s, donors. Either that or he is truly politically inept on a level I don’t even want to consider.

If Romney gets in (and it isn’t outside the realm of possibility, although I believe Obama will be re-elected) then the likelihood is that the very rich in America will be asked to contribute even less, that the economy splutters and that the rest if the world suffers. Or that the recovery that appears to be taking place there is actually nothing at all to do with the policies of the government and that he benefits from something he did nothing to create or nurture. And that is actually the best possible outcome for the rest of the world.

Because that is the crux of it: what happens in America matters to the rest of the world. The two countries which really affect us all are America and China and they both feature nearly impenetrable and often very scary internal politics. They can both set us on the path to global recession and world war. And they’re usually run by madmen.