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24 March 2019 by Nicholas

This site runs on the latest stable build of WordPress, whatever that is at time of writing. It sits atop a LAMP stack, which is a bit of a departure for me as I have been using LEMP stacks for the longest while. The reason is that it was easier to set up a LAMP stack with my current host than it was a LEMP stack. This is no real criticism of them, my skills had grown a little rusty and the state of hosting had moved on in the meantime.

The layout is a hand-coded theme using elements of flexbox mainly just to get something displaying and working on mobile devices. My aim is to switch to gatsby and strip out most of the WordPress and PHP elements on the front end to transition to a faster and more modern environment. And hopefully change the API on the back end to something written in a different language, but that is a more long term aim.