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24 March 2019 by Nicholas

I am, as one friend delicately puts it, “accelerating towards 40” and live in a city called Bradford in the UK. Like anyone, I have a complex relationship with my hometown: it is familiar and comforting but I get genuinely angry at how mismanaged it has been for a great number of years and what I see as the utter incompetence of the current council.

I love technology. I think it has the power to make lives genuinely better and make my own easier. I have been generally employed around dealing with it for most of my adult life (even if I have gone on some strange tangents from time to time) and have been playing with web-pages since my late teens. Which makes the simplicity and necessary basic state of this a little humbling when I consider what some people accomplish. Then again, I do believe that complexity for the sake of complexity is to be avoided.

I like movies. As I grow older I don’t seek to be as challenged by them as I once was, I am unsure if this is a sign I am becoming more middle of the road or a sign of the resurgence of television. Generally speaking it seems that the most interesting and complex stories are told on TV or in books rather than the necessary confines of a 2 to 3 hour discrete piece of content.

I go to the gym when I can and have the motivation. I don’t want to feel overweight but I don’t have the self control to deny myself the food that I like. I suppose there being metrics to measure and the possibility of seeing progression also appeals to me.

I find graphic design and commercial art fascinating. I can’t pretend to be particularly good at design, falling more into the “I know what I like” rather than the “I can make this” camp of people. I do draw, usually in spurts of activity punctuated with periods of inactivity. It has been a strange old journey from drawing in pencil hoping to emulate art for reproduction, to using ink, to going back to shaded pencils with a more “high art” aesthetic to then using pens with tonal values to merge the more high brow inclination with a commercial bent and now trying to start again using digital art.

I like mythic fiction. As a child I liked Robin Hood and the Arthurian legend. I gravitated to superhero comics which makes the current state of mainstream American cinema one that I greatly enjoy, but I also appreciate a lot of action movies, science fiction and westerns. I think my tolerance for quality depends on the genre as I can be highly critical of other stories.

In short, I have a lot of interests but don’t pursue any to too great a depth. I think technology makes the world a better place and can make lives easier but I still like escapism.